Tithes and Offerings

Your contribution helps us reach and share the message of the good news of salvation, which brings restoration, healing, liberation, peace and prosperity to the nations; one soul at a time. Thank you for your missionary offering! Make your donation with your credit or debit card, in a secure way through the form found here. 

Thanks to your financial support. Tithing consists of separating ten percent of all our earnings or income to give it to God, because it belongs to Him. It was established in Genesis 14:20. An offering is anything that we voluntarily give to God, above our tithes. When we offer, God brings overabundance to our finances.

By becoming our partner, you help us bring the solution to the afflictions of our generation: The Supernatural Power of God. Together, we are reaching places in the world where Christianity and the Gospel are rare and rarely heard. Your participation as a partner is what brings revival to communities, nations and governments. It is what brings God’s message for now, to people who have never had a personal and intimate encounter with the love of Heavenly Father.