Apostolic Network

About us? We are a network of apostles, pastors and ministers under the cover of our spiritual father, the Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, of King Jesus Ministries in Miami Florida. Who identify ourselves as an Apostolic, Prophetic, Pioneer, Spearhead, Advance, of war, and Expansion network; passionate, militant, prototype, abnormal, aggressive, addicted, radical and reformer. A network that breaks through, full of supernatural love and grace; conquering, on the move, uplifting, visionary, restorative, authoritative, influential and liberating; with signs, miracles, wonders and healings; committed, governmental, of the new wine, paternal, daring, wise, comforting, dynamic, spontaneous and humble. We are a body with a design or pattern of heaven, to advance the kingdom of God in the neighborhood, in the city and in the nations of the earth; and to execute spiritual government over our region. A network with the passion to win souls for Jesus, to train, equip, and mature believers to fulfill the purpose and call of God in their lives; with a vision of the Kingdom, a vision of the body and a national, continental and universal vision.