Evangelistic Training

Every Saturday night we focus on wining souls for Jesus Christ


I. First Discipleship: The Gift I Received from God: Salvation How salvation is obtained and the purpose of salvation (Ephesians 2: 8-10). The assurance of salvation (John 5:24 and 1 John 5:13). That salvation is a call to discipleship and sanctification, not a mere momentary prayer or passing emotion (John 17: 3; 2 Corinthians 5:17). Jesus teaches us in the Parable of the sower four types of people in whom the Word of God falls to be sown and we must choose what we want to be (Mark 4: 14-20 and Matthew 16: 24-25) II. Second Discipleship: Speaking to God in Prayer I. The Benefits of Prayer Why should we pray? II. The Correct Way to Pray How should we pray? III. The Content of the Prayer What can we pray? IV. The example of the Our Father: Mat 6: 5-13 3. Third Discipleship – Reading the Bible: Listening to God and Growing I. The Benefits of Spending Time in God’s Word: II. The Christian’s slogan (Read, Study, Meditate, Memorize and Apply) III. Example of Studying the Bible:  IV Fourth Discipleship: My Church, the way to Grow in Christ I. What is the church II. What is given to GOD by being part of his church (Attend, Give, Invite, Pray, Serve) III. The benefits of gathering and the Characteristics of a healthy Church: Acts 2: 42-47 A church where Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Ministry are practiced. A Healthy Church in Doctrine, Holiness, Unity and Mission. V. Fifth Discipleship – Sharing Jesus; Sharing Life I. What is evangelism and why it is an essential part of the Christian life. II. Sharing Jesus: A. Tell Your Story: Present the gospel, and B. Tell your story: Present your testimony III. An example of presenting the gospel of John 4: 4-30: Jesus and the Samaritan woman