About Us

About House of God ministries. ‘We are a new wine generation ministry ” “We are a generation of new wine” House of God ministries is located in the heart of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and is reaching out to its community and nations as well. Our main objective is to serve and bring others who need the presence of God, and minister with the love of God the need for a world hungry for his glory. The house of God ministries was established in 2004 and from the first day we have seen miracles, signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit, the growth of the kingdom of heaven is evidence of this. The vision of this ministry is to reach souls for Christ, consolidate them and teach them the biblical foundations so that they can come out and be winners in the kingdom. Especially with our own family which is the one that lacks resources and knowledge, in this way we reach the family first.

The values ​​of our House

The relationship with God  /  1) We love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and with all our strength. He is the priority of our love, obedience and adoration, above all things; if they take God from us, they take life from us. (Luke 10:27)  2) The family This is a main foundation in the kingdom of God. And marriage between a man and a woman is the will of God and maintains a society free from immorality. If the family is lost, the foundation of society is lost; that’s why we take care of it, and protect the marriage until death separates it (Genesis 1:27)  3) God’s word Every statement, every word, and every commandment written in the Bible is law to us and we pledge to put it into action. (Proverbs 3: 3; 2 Timothy 3:16)  4) Passion for progress God’s desire is that we prosper in all things. That is why it is a value, for us, to promote constant growth; maturing, progressing, going to other levels of faith, vision, glory and blessing and education. Jesus died and paid a high price to redeem us from poverty and ignorance. (3 John 1: 1, 2)   5) The generational transfer God is tri-generational: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Parents have the ability and the grace to impart to our spiritual and natural children, everything we have achieved: material, emotional and spiritual inheritance. we have a duty to leave an inheritance in all areas. (Genesis 50:24 and Mark 12:26) The purpose Every human being was created by God with a purpose; and when he discovers it, if he develops it, he leaves a legacy on earth. So, a person can be said to be or was successful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)   6) The character of Christ The goal of every man and woman on this earth is to form more and more the character of Jesus in their lives. In other words, being full of goodness, integrity, humility, fear of God, holiness and maturity, just as He was. Jesus is our model, whom we have to imitate, honor, glorify, worship and follow until he returns. (Romans 8:29) Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to serve you in the future if God allows us to, Thank you.