Purpose Statement

The House of God Ministries & CDD Publisher and their senior pastors Dr.Isnel and Theresa Castro are pleased to make the following presentation with the aim of publicizing the vision, objectives and activities they currently carry out to impact, reach and disciple the our community for Jesus Christ and expand the kingdom of God nationally and internationally.

In 2004 pastors received a spiritual call through a prophetic word during a visit to the offices of the Christ for the Nations: "This is your time to start working to impact the nations." Pastor Isnel Castro has given himself to this spiritual work for which he has received strengthening from the Holy Spirit, who has prepared his heart and has supernaturally provided financial and human resources. Following this prophetic call, Pastor Isnel and his wife Theresa have seen the fruit of their work and God's support in the different ministries of work that they have undertaken within the church, both with young people, with children, with the most needed. "For many years we had dreamed of a ministry whose goal was to reach the nations," says Pastor Isnel. Today this purpose is being achieved with the favor and guidance of Jesus Christ, and with the support of the pastoral family and a firm human team, with which that ministry counts in its daily work.

Our mission Preach the good news of the gospel of the kingdom of God to every person; to then affirm, consolidate, feed, heal, equip and restore each individual who has known Jesus, to serve in the work of the ministry and in the kingdom of God.

Our vision Evangelize Bring the good news of the kingdom of God to the poor in spirit, the broken in heart, the captives, the blind, the oppressed, the sick, the depressed, and everyone on the face of the earth by all available means . Say Lead each believer to be a disciple and a strong leader in the kingdom of God, basing it on Kingdom values ​​and apostolic doctrine; Thus renewing their mentality so that their total being is transformed into spirit, soul and body.

Disciple Train, equip and help each disciple to discover and fulfill God's purpose, call and will for his life; taking him to know his identity as a son, with rights, privileges, inheritance and responsibilities in the kingdom of God.

Commission each leader and disciple to do God's will and reach their destination, taking the Kingdom wherever they go. Send leaders with mighty weapons to extend the kingdom of God by force, casting out demons, healing the sick, doing signs, miracles, wonders, and wonders; raising the dead, preaching, teaching and prophesying the mysteries of the Kingdom, to cause a reform and an impact on society. With the ultimate purpose of transferring a legacy of blessing, prosperity, and justice to the next generations.

                                           OUR VALUES

The relationship with God

We love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and with all our strength. He is the priority of our love, obedience and adoration, above all things; if they take God from us, they take life from us. (Luke 10:27)
                                         The family

This is a main foundation in the kingdom of God. And marriage between a man and a woman is the will of God and maintains a society free from immorality. If the family is lost, the foundation of society is lost; that's why we take care of it, and protect the marriage until death separates it (Genesis 1:27)

                                        God's word

Every statement, every word, and every commandment written in the Bible is law to us and we pledge to put it into action. (Proverbs 3: 3; 2 Timothy 3:16)

                                   Passion for progress

God's desire is that we prosper in all things. That is why it is a value, for us, to promote constant growth; maturing, progressing, going to other levels of faith, vision, glory and blessing and education. Jesus died and paid a high price to redeem us from poverty and ignorance. (3 John 1: 1, 2)

                                   The generational transfer

God is Tri-generational: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Parents have the ability and the grace to impart to our spiritual and natural children, everything we have achieved: material, emotional and spiritual inheritance. We have a duty to leave an inheritance in all areas. (Genesis 50:24 and Mark 12:26)
                                             The purpose

Every human being was created by God with a purpose; and when he discovers it, if he develops it, he leaves a legacy on earth. So, a person can be said to be or was successful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

                                       The character of Christ

The goal of every man and woman on this earth is to form more and more the character of Jesus in their lives. In other words, being full of goodness, integrity, humility, fear of God, holiness and maturity, just as He was. Jesus is our model, whom we have to imitate, honor, glorify, worship and follow until he returns. (Romans 8:29)

                                           OUR COMPASSION

Winning people for Christ and guiding them to the truth, the way and the life that is Jesus Christ Himself, is our compassion. Our Hispanic community and many segregated people today suffer many needs for spiritual emptiness, lack of values, love, unity and firm principles that govern their lives. The biblical teachings of Jesus Christ, his love and compassion for all kinds of people, are the best example to impart to our fellow men. With love and dedication we want to reach all possible families, who know the message of Salvation, so that their lives are forever changed for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
                                          OUR DIVERSITY

Just as Christ did not differentiate people, our Ministry is open to all the diversity of people, cultures or languages ​​that wish to visit or be part of our mission. We believe in the Spiritual Unity of all believers redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. For The House of God it is an honor to receive and serve every person who needs to listen to Biblical principles, which will change and bless their lives. Pastor Isnel Castro's messages inspired by the Holy Spirit are reaching many people at every service in the church.

Currently we offer bilingual Sunday services, so that united in different languages, the Word of God can be heard, without the language barrier.

                                    OUR PASSION AND EXCELLENCE

Our hope is the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in his absolute sovereignty on earth, in the resurrection of the saved for eternal life, of the lost for eternal damnation and in the Final Victory of the Eternal Kingdom of God, it is our passion . Our ministry's work to impact lives and families is a challenge to excellence. With our work team, made up of men with hearts given to God, we are achieving this goal.
Through these years of growth of this Ministry, we have seen the need and thirst for a message that fills people's lives, for this reason we want to prepare ourselves better every day, update ourselves to the social, economic and cultural demands and offer more community Services.

We want to support mothers, impact young people, help the elderly and anyone weak or helpless who is looking for a way out or a solution for their lives. We want to prevent more families from being separated and destroyed, on the contrary we feel the call to unite homes and that each family member achieve a purpose in God.

By means of the word of the Lord we want to give encouragement to the downcast, the one who is sad, lonely, confused, without hope; and at the same time through social works we want to reach people thus showing the personality and character of Jesus Christ, whose message of "Loving your neighbor as yourself" is the force that moves us to work more for a society in crisis.
Pastor Santos Isnel & Theresa Castro have dedicated their lives to the service of the Christian people and proof of this is their intense community work and missionary work.

Pastor Isnel Castro holds an academic business leadership certification, as well as a Minister and Ordained Pastor license, such as a Bachelor of Marriage and General Counseling, Master of Biblical Sciences, and also a Ministerial Doctorate.

All this with the vision of serving others anywhere in the world.

                                Wednesday  /  prayer services 7:30  PM Tabernacle

--Thursdays 7-8 PM Houses of Peace — Wednesday  Discipleship is abandoning our plans to join God's plans in everything! The Meaning of Discipleship "And he said to all: If anyone wants to come after me, deny yourself, take up your cross every day, and follow me." (Luke 9:23

                                Wednesday  7:30 PM Prayer -  Friday 7:30 PM Youth - Sunday 10:00 AM General

                                                Dr.Isnel & Teresa Castro

                                                     Blessings to all you!